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we've almost finished reeling in the sky

hearts and drums
i've always been scattered.

(formerly ghostwire)
a.m. homes, acoustic guitar, adaptation, adrienne rich, adult swim, androgyny, annie dillard, anonymity, aqua teen hunger force, art, autumn, azam ali, belle and sebastian, belonging, bizarre cartoons, björk, blue, bob's burgers, books books books, borodin, bratmobile, bravery, carl jung, cat power, charlie kaufman, children's books, classical music, cocteau twins, coming-of-age books, compassion, cruddy, cynthia voigt, cécile chaminade, daft punk, death, debussy, diane dimassa, diaries, donnie darko, dreams, egon schiele, emily watson, ennui, ernest chausson, escapism, field recordings, gender fluidity, gender studies, godspeed you! black emperor, gretel ehrlich, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, henry darger, identity, idiosyncrasies, immersion, independent media, insanity, interlibrary loan, intuition, invisibility, july, kaki king, kate braverman, klimt, kristin hersh, lap steel, le tigre, leonard cohen, letters, libraries, lynda barry, lyricism, marc chagall, martha argerich, mary oliver, max richter, medical illustration, melancholia, memory, mst3k, murder ballads, music through the night, neko case, nick drake, night, nostalgia, obscurity, october, old favorites, one! hundred! demons!, opal whiteley, open windows, pablo neruda, paint, phoebe gloeckner, pj harvey, pockets, poetry, porch swings, quiet, rachel's, rachmaninoff, rain, raising hope, ravel, rebecca clarke, rebecca solnit, recovery, red house painters, reverb, richard brautigan, rilke, rites of passage, road trips, romaine brooks, rooftops, sarah records, scars, sea glass, secret places, short stories, sigur rós, six feet under, sleep, slowdive, socks with stripes, storytelling, stringed instruments, synesthesia, terry tempest williams, the lark ascending, the pacific northwest, the sea, this american life, thunderstorms, tom robbins, tonal color, trembling blue stars, used book stores, veda hille, viola, virginia euwer wolff, virginia woolf, walking, wasting time, whimsy, wise old trees, wonderment